Emmanuel Environmental Services LLC began in Fort Worth , Texas in 1985. The company initially provided janitorial/housekeeping services to private business. In that same year Emmanuel began providing services to municipalities, government agencies, medical facilities and local schools.

It now provides a Total Facility Management Program for all of its customers which includes:

    • A comprehensive environmental and housekeeping program

    • A complete landscaping and ground maintenance service

    • An extensive preventive maintenance facility management program

In 1987 the company established its construction services division and began road, highway and parking lot construction for municipalities, government agencies, private contractors, and businesses.

The key to the success of Emmanuel is its people.  We only employ individuals that are well trained and/or have the potential to be trained.  All staff is bonded and insured by a Texas   “A” rated bonding and insurance company.  Our staff is taught the concepts of “Total Quality Management” which focuses on creating a workplace that encourages everyone to be responsible for the quality of the work they do.  Total Quality Management is a way of life and the Philosophy of Emmanuel Facilities Management.

It is our commitment to:

 Understanding our customer wants.  Then...

 Meeting the needs of our customer...every time...,and

 Providing the services that will do what we say they will do.